AlterCPA AutoCall

Call center automation

Offloads your call center. It will take care of missed calls, disconnected phones and unavailable subscribers, freeing up the operators' time.

AlterCPA AutoCall

Why do you need AutoCall?

This solution is perfect for professional call centers with a large stream of leads and orders. It automates the routine tasks of dialling and waiting for a customer to response.

  • Quick dialing for new orders. As you know, the faster you call your potential customer, the higher the chances of a successful sale. Each new lead immediately gets into AutoCall processing and the call starts automatically. The time from receiving a lead to making a call can be reduced to a matter of seconds if there are free operators.
  • Working with missed calls. The most important task that is fugured out by an automatic “dialer” is servicing unanswered calls. AutoCall itself will dial for failed calls until the customer contacts. If there is no answer, it will put a note on the order and plan the next call. In this case, the operators are exempted from the need to manually sort through each lead and stay on the line waiting for an answer.
  • Reduction of technical costs. SIP software that only works with incoming calls is almost always free. You do not need a quality licensed software background. Moreover, you can use the simplest "hardware" DECT phones of inexpensive Chinese brands to organize the conversation itself. The operator will not even need dialing keys, and you break free from building connection between the dialer and CRM.
  • Human factor exclusion. We are well aware that not all call center operators are eager to work actively. In the set, we are faced with the problem that the operator scans orders and selects the most convenient for him. Automation eliminates the desires of the operator from the business process, providing him with a ready-made order for processing.
  • Buyer hiding. Depending on the settings of your SIP server, the buyer's phone number may be hidden from the operator. In combination with hiding the number in the CRM interface, this allows you to secure your call center. For our part, we consider this feature completely pointless and useless, but it is in demand among our customers.