Manual integration settings

Manual integration setup requires an understanding of the principles of sending requests to the API and basic knowledge of the PHP language. When setting up the integration, you will need to describe the preparation of the request and response handlers in PHP. Without programming knowledge, manual integration setup is impossible. Please refer only to competent specialists.

General principle of operation

Any integration operates with the following main parameters:

  • URL: the link by which the request to the service is made.
  • Data fields: list of fields for the POST part of the request.
  • Preprocessing code: executed before sending the request to prepare the data.
  • Processing code: executed after sending a request to process the received data.

Description of the integration setup

To understand the principles of operation, you need to thoroughly familiarize yourself with these sections:

Checking if the integration works

You can check how your integration works. All service requests and responses are recorded. To view the log, go to the Control - Companies section, from there - to the "Integration log" subsection.

Search criteria:

  • ID - order ID. Searches only if there was one order, does not search for mass status checks.
  • Company - filter by company where the integration is configured.
  • Type - filter by specific configured integration block.
  • Error - filter by the presence of errors, successes or failures.

An error is a request that did not receive a response or an error occurred during code execution. A request to send a lead, after which it was canceled, is considered failure.

If no requests were found during the search, check if you forgot to check the corresponding integration block.

The "Show" button displays the details of the request:

  • URL - the link to which the request was made.
  • GET - decoding variables in the GET part of the request as a JSON representation.
  • POST - POST request content as string or JSON representation.
  • POST decode - decoded "form-urlencoded" request.
  • Server reply - raw content from server response.
  • Result - order send script response.

You can request a status check integration manually without waiting for it to be activated on a schedule. To do this, go to "Control - Settings - Utilities - Companies and Integrations". In the "Manual call of integration tasks" section, select the company and the type of integration you want to run. Please note: when you click on the "Run" button, it may seem that everything is frozen. This is normal, some integrations take a long time to work. Do not press the button again.