How much money do you need to open an affiliate program at the minimum?

How much money do you need to open an affiliate program at the minimum?

I promote a healthy approach to building a business in the form of my affiliate network. In any case, I sincerely consider it sound. Get started quickly and cheaply. You can throw money away for a bunch of cool and even useful stray in the form of your own engine and a large staff of hipsters later. But it’s better to spend on blackjack, rum and…

In the recent post, we already realized that all you need to open your network is a founder. In some cases, you can go broke on a techie in the state / outstaffing / freelancing.

So how much money do you need?

A couple of hundred bucks. No, I’m serious, it’s not rofl.

Bend your fingers:

  1. Engine. A week is enough to get the first profit. You can get a week of cloud version from me at AlterCPA for $35. Domain +$1.5 more.
  2. Integrations. You can take a freelance techie and pay him 300 bucks. Or for about the same money take network technical support from our team. Or you can strain yourself, read the fucking manual documentation and generally do it yourself.
  3. Design/landing page and other stuff. About $100. And you can do without it or also do it with your own straight hands, Tilda will help you.

In total, we get an estimate for as much as … $ 500. It’s even at the max. The real need is $36.5. Open a business for the price of going to an inexpensive restaurant!

Yes, this is provided that there is a place to get a couple of offers to start and a couple of affiliates. And with the profits, spin, muddle, scale. Of course, it would be nice to have at least ten kilo bucks under your ass. For personal peace of mind and not to miss some cool opportunities.

But technically, you can launch your full-featured affiliate program for $36.5. Or, the top price, pay under $500 if laziness is powerful. Live with it