AlterCPA Pro v.30

AlterCPA Pro v.30

Who turned thirty? This is AlterCPA Pro v.30, please love and favor the old lady! In this version I have nothing to surprise you – you are already accustomed to the best. Therefore, catch: one new product, one polished product and one more planned product. But where is AlterCPA Pro itself? And it contains a whole bunch of little things so that every user can say: great, I was waiting for this!

AlterCPA Red

One summer, Reznik freaked out and wrote a tracker in two weeks. The project, which started just for fun, grew into a full-fledged product in two months, an excellent springboard for novice media buyers.

Flows for every taste, split tests, built-in cloak, storage of local sites, domain parking… It doesn’t matter, because it is red! And also inexpensive, up to the free version. There are reviews of many letters in the blog.

AlterCPA Cloud

I created the cloud version of AlterCPA a year and a half ago. And all this time it drowned in tests, improved and brought to mind by my paws. And now, on the 111th license, AlterCPA Cloud is no beta any more.

So what is the point? And in predictability. From time immemorial, the main advantage of those your clouds was to work “when needed” without any problems. The cloud version will expand on its own and… it will also collapse on its own. Don’t feel like paying? Don’t pay, the network will be carefully packed and sent for long-term storage. Are you planning to come back to life? The network will unfold in the same state in which you left it.

No more manually deploying backups, no more manually switching and adding domains, no more manually updating files and systems. Your hands are free for other tasks, for example, jerking off to statistics. Infrastructure has become a service, automatic and predictable. Just send traffic, and cloud AlterCPA will simply work.

Secret project for Google

One day Ildar, a dark horse and the great guru of Google, came to visit Reznik for a hookah. But he freaked out and accidentally bought half the cloak service. With no bucks in a pocket those to guys decided to freak out in earnest. The tracker and the split-to-half cloak seemed to them not enough. The guys decided to show the world something that would turn the entire arbitration industry from bottom to bottom. And then… that’s it, don’t touch it, it’s for the Christmas!

Graphonium as the center of the universe

Remember the meme “The village was attacked by a graphon”? Eh, Todd Howard cries from you! Graphon also attacked AlterCPA. First, it attacked the tracker and got tested there. And closer to the release, it condescended to all other products.

You can create convenient integrations, smart statuses, impenetrable cloak, deep and fast statistics, ready-made tools for webmasters, but… Users will still whine. Not pretty enough. They want to open the main page, and there is a graph. And no one cares that this graph is no more informative than Greta Thunberg’s hysterics. We need a graph. It’s pretty. Ugh…

The true version history

Enough humor for today, by thirty it’s time to get more serious. I’ll tell you what it took six months and a good hundred liters of coffee. Next it will be stuffy and boring, you can scroll down to “Aftertaste”.

Users and teams

  • When creating an agency, its ID now matches the ID of the linked user. This will make working with blacklists much easier for new clients. The old ones can continue their usual suffering.
  • The leader of an arbitration team is no longer alone – several leaders can be assigned to each team with access to all statistics and team management.
  • User registration confirmation. Yes, I stepped over myself and made this mechanic. Just check the box in the settings, and users will register as inactive and wait for confirmation by managers.

Traffic filtering

  • The filters got a built-in micro-tracker. It counts leads and revenue per campaign and helps you understand which campaigns have launched and are performing well.
  • As a plus to the tracker, in the filter settings there is now a catching ID for the click of advertising networks. Parameters fbclid, gclid and a host of others are now checked automatically.
  • The new self-learning mechanism takes real data into account much better and blocks suspicious visitors faster. The filter itself learns to ban the bastards on your traffic.

Leads and orders

  • In the “Leads” section for the affiliate, you can display buyer data in a hidden form. The asterisks will obscure very personal information, but the overall picture of validity will be clear.
  • The “Orders” section for administrators received new search blocks: by date they were received for processing or sent to CRM, by the date of confirmation or rejection, and by the date the order was closed with payment or return. The “Leads” section now has the same search for affiliate.
  • The movement of orders between advertisers, beloved by all cryptans, got linked to boxes. You can choose not only specific company, but a box, which itself will distribute the lead where needed. If you wish, you can choose a specific case that will be attached to the lead, with caps, payments and work models.
  • By the way, about caps and boxes – they have learned to work based on the time the lead is sent to the CRM, and not the time the order is received. The counting accuracy when moving leads increases to maximum.

Integration with advertisers

  • Checking lead statuses by date range is linked to the date the lead was sent to CRM and has increased the accuracy of its ranges. Previously, when moving leads, the check lost stability, there will be no such problems anymore.
  • To speed up status checks, you can also disable the breakdown by offer. This is suitable for most integrations, because parameters linked to offers are used extremely rarely.
  • Accepted and rejected leads can be re-checked. For this purpose, checking leads by date received two useful checkboxes. At the stroke of midnight, they send all approvals and cancellations for the last month for re-checking.

Processing incoming traffic

  • The telephone correction base has expanded to a couple of dozen new countries and has learned to recognize the eastern style of numbers, the one with letters.
  • In addition to phone correction, email correction has also been added. The system itself will correct the most common mistakes made by inattentive users.
  • Postbacks have learned to bypass the security mechanisms of some services and better masquerade as a user request. As a result, postback losses due to incorrect CloudFlare settings on the tracker were minimized.
  • Special postbacks for the Facebook Conversion API have been updated to version 18 and now work stably and reliably.

System core

  • API for advertisers has acquired the function of downloading order changes. You can pull the history of actions into third-party applications and calculate operator salaries on it.
  • The deep core of the system was practically rewritten from scratch in order to work smoothly on the latest versions of PHP. Support for the godless 8.2 is still a long way off, but we’ll have to strive for it.
  • System installation scripts have moved to Debian 11 as the most stable and reliable OS. Yes, yes, I know that the twelfth version was released a long time ago, but there is that same godless PHP 8.2.
  • Localization hacks have made it easy to add new languages. You no longer have to keep the entire file up to date; you can take any base language as a basis and simply add your own piece of translation.
  • The administrator received convenient links on the order page: quick transition to integration, API and postback logs for the selected lead.
  • The built-in website downloader has learned to select different download mechanisms. They differ in the subtleties of setting up WGet and HTtrack, which sometimes allows you to download a site that for some reason does not download.
  • The autologin mechanism has learned to mask links through internal network domains, record the history of transitions, track and block suspicious transitions.


In just a week, the AlterCPA project will be ten years old. I look back the whole way, and I have only one thought: did I really made this?! The time has come to tell you the whole long history of the project, which is now known to you under the name AlterCPA. So, it all started with a porn site…