AlterCPA White

Micro CMS for traffic filtering

Create safe and shiny proxy sites from existing resources. Just specify the domains and the will automatically work as proxy.

AlterCPA White

Why should I need it?

Modern software for cloaking are excellent tools for analyzing visitors and identifying dangerous visits, but at the same time pay very little attention to setting up sites.

Most often, their recommendations come down to a simple switch that shows the visitor the page white.php or black.php depending on the results of its analysis. Neither a serious white site, nor a direct parking domain for a black site is out of the question.

Tiny AlterCPA White allows you to:

  • Transparently park a domain to an existing black site or to the entire repository of sites of an affiliate network. At the same time, all landing pages on the advertiser’s side will work normally through a transparent proxy. Optimized for AlterCPA Pro platform site repository.
  • Download the existing multi-page white site in any convenient way and use it to show moderators. At the same time, you don’t have to select a stub page for each landing page URL where traffic is planned to flow - the system itself will select a suitable page from existing ones on a white site and display it at the selected address as if it was always there.
  • Do not download site at all, but use as is a dynamic existing white site. It is enough to specify the site domain in the settings, and the system will redirect all requests to it. Commenting, searching, shopping cart - all the functionality of the source site will be preserved in full. Replacing the page from the previous paragraph will also work.