AlterCPA Awi

Artificial intelligence

She can chat with you about work, tell you terrible secrets and teach you bad things. Feel free to ask.

AlterCPA Awi

Why can you need it?

This project is designed to cheer you up. No one thinks that AI can replace real specialists of our support team, but Awi is sure to amuse you and make smile.

This is not a human!

All answers for Awi are created by the OpenAI neural network on the DaVinci model. We taught her our wisdom.

She read the blog

Unlike you, our Awi has read Reznik's entire blog and knows how to open an affiliate program and not go broke.

Group chats

In groups, she will see the message if you start it with "Awi" or "Guru", or tag @AlterCPA_Guru in message.

Not only humor

The neural network can find the answer to many questions both about AlterCPA and media buying.

We are developing

Every month we teach Awi new secrets of work, documentation subtleties and useful tips.

Don't believe her!

Sometimes Awi is wrong and promises everyone discounts, free services and goodies. These are just AI fantasies!

How it works?

AI is trained by our support crew and tries to answer any of your questions, both smart and funny.

  1. Find our Guru
    Here is contact, you can write in a personal or add in a group.
  2. Write your question
    A couple of sentences that do not require clarifying messages.
  3. Wait 10-15 seconds
    The Guru needs time to extract the messages and process them.
  4. Enjoy the answer
    If our Guru's answer made you smile, we really did it right.

Denial of responsibility! The coincidence of the name is a tribute to the employee who invested a lot of time and effort into the development and automation of AlterCPA products. Any other coincidence of facts and events is an accident created by the quirks of the neural network. Any answers of the neural network do not reflect the real position of the AlterCPA administration and its employees and are a random set of characters generated by complex mathematical algorithms.