Verticals overview: financial

Verticals overview: financial

Why a huge part of traffic arbitrage is gray niches: gambling, crypto, nutra, dating, adult? The answer is pretty obvious. There is a lot of money in these verticals. Huge demand, large invoices and payments allow you to give more dollars to the partner who brought the client. However, there is a niche that is not inferior either in demand, or in the size of invoices, or in marginality. She is completely white and fluffy. This is the vertical of finance.

If everything is so cool, why hasn’t everyone switched to offers to open settlement accounts and issue cards yet? Why is the voice of the financial vertical in the information space much quieter than gambling, crypto, nutra and other evil spirits? Because there is an important drawback, because of which you are unlikely to decide to open an affiliate network in this vertical.

The main pain of the financial vertical is the connection of advertisers

The search itself is primitive. In a couple of minutes you can find the websites of all banks and MFIs, and after another three hundred seconds you can get the contacts of their department that works with partners. The legal side of the connection can be a little boring, but white and with the signing of contracts, the terms of which will really be respected.

The main drawback, due to which finance is less popular in traffic arbitration than it could be, is the technical backwardness of advertising from banks. In the bourgeoisie, this is generally pitch darkness at the level of the 50s. In Russia and the CIS, where fintech is ahead of the rest, things are a little better, but still terrible.

There are three main problems:

  1. Almost no bank has healthy APIs for working with leads. They do exist in theory, but they are designed not to work with leads, but to receive full-fledged applications from agents. Remember the cute girls in electronics stores offering loans? Here are the real “affs” of the financial vertical.
  2. You need to send leads to leave an application to the bank’s landing page. If you install a landing page on your own, user confidence will drop significantly. If an arbitrator works with a bank’s landing page through an affiliate network, then he needs a tracking link. And this space technology has not yet been properly mastered by any bank. Even Tinkoff.
  3. To create an application, the lead must leave a huge amount of information about himself. First name, last name, TIN, passport number, by whom and when issued, passport scan in image format, registration address, complete blood count, photo cat and patronymic of the first class teacher.

As a result, we get a situation where there is no API, no tracking, how to give leads – it is not clear how to receive information on their statuses – all the more so.

How do current partner networks solve these issues? Each case is individual. But in most scenarios, everything works through fierce crutches with a cosmic share of traffic loss.

If we talk about those advertisements that MFIs, then the situation is better. These guys are much more in need of customers, much less inert and bureaucratic. So, the majority of financial offers are made up of microfinance organizations, which are almost as convenient to work with as with gambling advertising.

Why arbitrageurs love the financial vertical and are looking for good affiliate networks from this niche

It would be unfair to pay so much attention to a disadvantage, albeit a huge one, but at the same time bypass the advantage. A lot of people like to pour on finances. This means that the demand for offers is large, and the traffic is poured very decently. That affiliate program, which coped with the integration and got itself a sufficient number of offers, will not be left without a turnover.

There are three advantages, and all of them are very important:

  1. White vertical
  2. High stakes.
  3. The ability to send brokerage traffic.

If everything is clear with the first two points, then the third one needs to be said in more detail. By uploading to the financial vertical, you can send one lead to many offers at once. In other niches, this is prohibited, advertisers will find out and simply stop cooperation.

You can send an application for a conditional microcredit to several organizations at the same time. Accordingly, the web loves to create storefronts and promote them through SEO.


Opening an affiliate program in the financial vertical is a task for very strong and self-confident people. How to solve it? Not at all clear. Almost no one does. But by overcoming integration, other problems will be minimized. White vertical, regulated, with contracts, with a lot of webs and high rates. Everything is fine. If you manage to connect interesting offers normally.