Connecting to sites on Tilda

Connecting to sites on Tilda

You can connect sites on Tilda to AlterCPA and use them as a traffic source. Websites on Tilda support sending an order form with a shopping cart and analyzing traffic by stream. Conversion optimisation pixels are not supported by Tilda.

Preparing offer

Before starting to work with offers, you need to prepare it. Enable support for stream symbolic code in the technical settings of the offer.

If you don’t plan on accepting the contents of your shopping cart, just skip the next step.

  1. Enable support for nested goods in the offer in the main settings.
  2. Create in the offer the same products that are used on your site on Tilda.
  3. In each product, add a parameter with the name tilda and the value of the item’s SKU from Tilda. Instead of adding parameters, you can simply specify the SKU in the product settings field of the same name.

Important! SKUs should not be repeated, you cannot create two different products with one SKU.

Connecting site through redirect

The site on Tilda must be added to the offer as a redirect. If you are just a webmaster or working with AlterCPA Moe, skip this step.

Adding redirect site

Go to the “Sites” section of the selected offer. In the drop-down menu, instead of “Landing”, select “Redirect”, and in the URL field, specify the URL of the site. The URL for this site should be like, where is your site storage domain, and offer-name is a unique symbolic identifier for the site. This identifier can consist of small Latin letters, numbers and a hyphen. It should not be repeated on other sites, even if they use a different domain.

Setting up redirect URL

Enter the following address in the Redirection URL field:{id}

Where instead of will be the domain of your site on Tilda. You can add multiple redirect sites pointing to subpages by also adding a ? utm_content={id} tail to them. You can also enable deeplink support in the offer, use utm_content={id} as a list of parameters.

Preparing site in Tilda

The connection is made via a webhook. Webhooks are configured in the form management section (Sites – Edit site – Forms – Add WebHook). Provide a link in the Webhook URL field. Check the box “Send data on goods in the order as array”. Click “Save” and “Connect the service to all forms on the site”. Instead of in the webhook, specify the domain of your affiliate network.

Webhook for admin

If you plan to connect your site to an offer and set up a redirect in the previous step, specify the following type of webhook. For the token, replace 123-abcd with the value of the “Token” parameter from the site you created.

Webhook for companies on AlterCPA Moe

If you are connecting a site for your affiliates in AlterCPA Moe, specify a webhook of the following type. For ID, instead of 12-abc, use the API-ID and API-key of any administrator in your company.

Do not forget to give your webmasters the codes from the “Traffic Sources” subsection of the “Traffic” section, they must specify them in the utm_term parameter.

Webhook for affiliates

If you plan to use the site alone and send traffic from it like a regular affiliate, specify the following type of webhook. Use your API ID and API key from the profile instead of 12-abc as ID.

Step-by-step Webhook setup manual

Go to edit site section.
Step 1. Edit site
Open “Site settings”.
Step 2. Site settings
Open “Forms” and select the “Webhook” (at the bottom of the page)
Step 3. Forms - Webhook
Enter the URL that you chose in the previous paragraph of the instructions.
Step 4. Set the URL
Open the webhook settings and specify sending goods as an array.
Step 5. Send goods as array
Save the settings and add the webhook to all forms on the site.
Step 6. Add to forms

Manual traffic links

Sometimes using redirects in an advertising campaign is impossible and a direct link is required. You can send traffic using the following link:

Where instead of will be the domain of your site on Tilda. The weird chars in the utm_term parameter is your flow character code, which appears next to its link when configuring. If you work as an agency or affiliate of AlterCPA Moe, check your symbolic code with technical support.