The beginning of Perfect CPA

The beginning of Perfect CPA

XOXO, Reznik here and today here we go again!

We tossed a coin and I decided that the world will never be the same again, just like this blog. Now this is not only the official corporate news feed, but my personal blog. I’m tired of watching affiliate networks open and close before my eyes. Projects with often strong teams quickly (sometimes even brightly) flare up and just as spectacularly disappear into another dimension where oblivion reigns.

AlterCPA products are a lifesaver for those who create their own affiliate networks. And I, like no one, am interested in the market developing and growing. And for this I need only two things:

  1. More people who know that affiliate network is a profitable, convenient modern business.
  2. The success of these people.

I will solve these two tasks to the best of my ability, skills, talent and patience. Now I am sure that everything will be easy. You just need to tell people how to competently launch an affiliate network and earn ringing shekels on it. The plan has been drawn up, the Rubicon has been crossed, alea jacta est!

Somehow it’s not comme il faut to maintain a personal blog and not shine your personality. I will try to briefly state who I am and why my content will be at least interesting to you, and at most useful.

My name is Anton Reznichenko, better known as Alter or Reznik. I’ve been spinning around the sun for 34 years, half of which I earn nervous breakdown money on those yours internets.

I managed to lick the arbitrage market from all sides. Developed and promoted affiliate networks and services. Some of the projects took off, something burned out, something burned out first, and then took off. For the inquisitive, I will list the names of some of my brainchildren: AlterCPA, WMsale, 27CM, OpenFraud, 42PC, WhoCame, ArtBot, SetIndex, SaleCY, SeoPot, Spring Project, Writers Club (and how did it get here?).

As you can see I have through the roof of the versatile experience that is needed to create na affiliate network and not go broke. But still, my inner perfectionist does not allow me to rely only on my experience in such an important task. This blog should become a treasure trove of super-quality content that will really help to successfully launch an affiliate program.

So we will have consultants working with affiliate business right now in different areas. Behind the content on this channel is not only my experience. Since I have been spinning in the industry for more than ten years, an enviable amount of friends, acquaintances, partners and just good professionals has accumulated.

A few people are especially valuable. They work on specific areas of affiliate development and will provide up-to-date information. This can only be told to you on a drunken head somewhere at a conference like Kinza or Mac. And here it’s free without SMS and alcotest registration.

Let me introduce you:

  • Alex, owner of DozaTeam. He is the leader of a team that develops affiliate programs almost turnkey. This golden man will supply us with insider information on accounting, legal, affiliates search and advertising.
  • Vlad Lukonin. One of the founding fathers of what became AlterCPA. Former owner of Sharkon, WMsale and BluezPro networks. He understands perfectly in the management of the affiliate network itself (ditched a couple of pieces until he learned how to turn them into profit).
  • Ariy Abrosimov, aka the “Thumping Arbitrageur”. In addition to experience in working with traffic, he magically manages support departments both in AP and in services.
  • Andrey Elterman. Let’s go to him for tips and life hacks on brand marketing. If the market knows about the affiliate networks and has a good reputation behind it, the volumes will grow like a cue ball last year.

Probably, on some narrow issues, I will involve other comrades. But this is our backbone and I am very glad that you finally met ????