Tasty site downloads

Tasty site downloads

SUDDENLY there’s a big update for those who like to download sites from the stream: dynamic pixels, archives for agencies, two improvements “Thanks page” and integration with Keitaro.

Dynamic pixels

Previously: pixels in downloaded sites were inserted once at the time of download. What is set in the stream will be in the archive.

Now: you can specify fb=123456 in the address bar and a Facebook pixel with the same code will appear on the site. The names of the parameters and the analytics system are the same as in the stream: FB, Google, TikTok and all sorts of crap.

Improved thanks page

Previously: The Thank You page in the archives appeared through strange perverse manipulations. Create two files (success / thanks), manually shove the file, suffer …

Now: when creating an archive, automation finds the file success.php in the folder with the site, cleans it from filth and unnecessary code, and sticks it into the archive itself.

Lazy thanks page

Previously: without a ready-made file in the archive, it was replaced by a simple boring Thank You page in one language.

Now: when downloading, we will pull the Thank you page from the vault. And if it is not there, we will add a universal page with automatic language selection.

Connecting to Keitaro

Previously: after downloading the archive, it was necessary to manually write the hidden subid field in each form, otherwise this crap could not transfer the sub.

Now: in the flow settings put {subid} in the SubID field and it will appear in all forms. A crutch, yes, but a bit elegant one.

Archives for agencies

Previously: agents could only download a draft of the archive with the planned places for setting the price, country and other parameters.

Now: just download the archive. Even with a ready-made API file. Prices and countries are on their places. Pixels included. No more “technical archives”, just finely built files.

Archives for everyone

Previously, the archives downloaded as it is, without additional settings, without integration with the tracker. There was some kind of dull choice of the country, and not always.

Now: when downloading an archive from the flow or from the offer a convenient pop-up window appears. There you can choose the site, the country and the tracker, which you plan to  integrate with (so far only Keitaro).