AlterCPA One is no beta any more!

AlterCPA One is no beta any more!

Yes, we ohueli!* Intrigued? The holidays are finally over, time to get back to work. We have prepared delicious treats for you.

Let’s start with traffic filters. We scanned the Internet, found all the offenders, updated the filters, improved the quality of catching to the maximum.

We again rewrote the algorithms from scratch and optimized them for high loads. Previously, at the tenth million clicks, freezes were observed when displaying statistics for a month, now even they are gone. Acceleration has been implemented both in your networks on AlterCPA Pro and in the clouds.

The traffic filtering service AlterCPA One is leaving the beta test for the public arena. Since we have finished everything, it’s time to replace the test tariffs with real ones. We have added a limit on the number of campaigns that can be run on one account. Unlimited plan is still available. Prices have changed slightly. Take a look at them at and say out loud, “Are you ohueli?!”*

*Ohueli is an untranslatable vulgar form of the word “insolent” in its highest manifestation.