Lifehack: Facebook pixel events in simple postback

Lifehack: Facebook pixel events in simple postback

We recently conducted an interesting experiment. It turns out that there’s no need to put Facebook pixels on sites, and you also don’t need to mess with the Conversion API. There is a terribly simple life hack – just send the request to the pixel with the fbclid!

We collect the fbclid in all directions – redirects, site store, downloaded sites. The click ID itself is present in most visits.

We use extended postbacks for sending events: section “Flows – Postback”, button “Add”.

Your post back should look like this:{fb}&ev={fbe}&fbclid={fbclid}&noscript=1

The macros used:

  • {fb} – Facebook pixel ID is taken from stream settings. It is not necessary to enter manually.
  • {fbe} – conversion event. You can enter Lead.
  • {fbclid} – here will be the Facebook click ID, which we pulled off the site.

The simplest option is one postback for the event “Wait.” An interesting option – a couple of different postbacks on “Wait” and “Approve” (maybe “Hold” depending on the network you work with). We manually set the events instead of {fbe}, for example, Lead and InitialCheckout.