Integration setup wizard

Integration setup wizard

Imba has arrived, kittens! We have brought AlterCPA automation to the highest level. Now you can set up integration with third-party networks and CRM in just two steps: select a network, specify keys and passwords. Done!

We have brought over eight years of customization experience to create a database of ready-made integration templates. Now it has more than 75 options for connecting via API to the most popular platforms. There will be more!

How to use this miracle of technology:

  1. Go to “Utilities”, select “Integration settings” there
  2. Choose the right companies and template
  3. Specify the data required in the template, for example, an API key or a CRM domain
  4. If necessary, look at ready-made postbacks and stick them on the side of the target network
  5. Save.
  6. Done, it works!

I think additional comments are unnecessary, everything is so obvious. Enjoy!