Why do we need farmers when there is GGL?

Why do we need farmers when there is GGL?

GGL farm is a multitool for automating routine tasks in the Google advertising network. It will relieve you of worries and help reduce costs – you will fire your farm department right on the day of purchase.

Key features

What can this miracle of engineering do?

  1. Automatic account registration in the selected country or work with existing accounts.
  2. Farming – high-quality preparation of accounts for working with traffic, reducing the risk of blocking.
  3. Launch advertising campaigns like Smart and Search with downloading of expense statistics.
  4. Submission of appeals for advertising accounts and disabled accounts automatically without user participation.
  5. Transfer of accounts within the system with the ability to hide passwords for organizing team work.
  6. Work in the cloud without the need to install any additional software on your computer.

What do I need?

You will need a desire to save a lot of time and money, and get great accounts to work with. Add the following to it:

  • Reliable proxies. It is recommended to use one proxy per account. Proxies must be stable, ideally without changing the external IP address. Proxy with IPv6 support is better. Pay-per-traffic proxies are not recommended – they will ruin you. It is not recommended to use mobile proxies with a bunch of linked accounts.
  • SMS service. It will be required for automatic account registration, activation of 2FA and some other procedures. You can view the list of active SMS services in your profile; you can connect your favorite service through support.
  • Subscription to GGL. You must purchase any subscription. We do not offer free trials.

Which tariff should I choose?

Our tariffs differ in the number of threads, that is, the number of accounts that can be in operation at one time. One thread can perform one task, such as farming, downloading statistics, or setting up an advertising campaign. On average, up to 50 accounts coexist on one thread.

At the start of sales, four tariffs are available:

  • “Start” with 3 threads for $333 per month.
  • “Standard” with 10 threads for $666 per month.
  • “Profi” with 30 threads for $999 per month.
  • “Devil” with 100 threads for $3333 per month.

Which tariff is right for you?

  • The “Start” tariff is suitable for getting acquainted with the capabilities of the service or for your buyers to work in a team. It will comfortably serve 100 accounts, with some lag – up to 150-200 accounts.
  • For real work, it is recommended to buy “Profi” or “Standard” tariffs. They are well suited for independent farming and starting campaigns solo or within a small team.
  • A team farmer is recommended to take the “Devil” tariff for the main activity of preparing accounts and transfer them to employees on the “Start” tariffs after preparation and farming.

Start your acquaintance with the service with the “Start” tariff and switch to “Profi” when you prepare the first batch of accounts.

How to start?

Your action plan is simple, all you need to do is:

  1. Prepare proxy and SMS service.
  2. Purchase GGL farm subscription.
  3. Fire your farming department.

Take action! And why do you need farmers when there is GGL?