AlterCPA Moe – our free CRM for CPA

AlterCPA Moe – our free CRM for CPA

AlterCPA Moe – it is free, but at the same time a very good CRM system optimized to work in the CPA marketing. Suitable for processing leads by a call center, helping with the automation of logistics and warehouse accounting. Optimal for merchant traffic and work with info-products. No limit on the number of leads or users. Miracle, isn’t it?

Quick overview

You need to register to start using CPAmoe. Simply visit and indicate your details. Only the owner of the company needs to register here, employees will have access from his hands. The name and company name here is a pure formality, indicate what is convenient for you.

After registration, the control panel of our company will open in front of us. On the main page, you will find statistics, the latest news and documentation. But the most important is located in the menu on the left:

  • Orders. This section is the main work with leads. They go there, your operators and logisticians take them apart.
  • Company or Team. The main indicators of your statistics and analytics are concentrated here. Company administrators and team leaders can check the work of their operators here, track order status and delivery success.
  • Offers. This section will help you set up a list of offers you work with, add nested goods to them, specify prices, additional CRM fields and call center scripts.
  • Traffic. Here you can add your publishers, affiliate networks, or other traffic sources and view statistics on them.
  • Warehouse. Allows you to keep inventory of real goods linked to offers, as well as analyze their success among your customers.
  • Control. Responsible for company settings, personnel and team management, extended order stouts and delivery services.

Getting started

So you’ve signed up. To get started, you will need a few minutes to configure the system for yourself. Let’s take a quick look at your actions, and in the following articles we will analyze each in more detail.

Step 1. Setting up offers

In the “Offers” section, you need to set up offers and nested goods that you will work with. Please note that an offer is not really a product, it is a product offer. It can include one or several products. To activate the work with products, check the “Allow adding nested products” checkbox in the offer settings.

For example, if you sell video recorders with flash drives, create an offer “DVR”, add the main good “DVR” and additional goods “16GB Card” and “32GB Card” in it. These goods will be seen by the call center operator when working with the order.

If the same product can be present in several offers, just add it to each offer. So, for example, the same flash drives can be sold complete with different video recorders. Do not be alarmed that the product has suddenly multiplied – you can customize it in the warehouse.

In the settings of the offer, you must definitely indicate the countries with which you work. They are needed to set the appropriate prices for operators. Other offer settings are not so critical, you can experiment with them yourself.

Once you have specified the list of countries, proceed to setting prices. It is recommended to indicate the price and cost of the product. If you plan to use inventory control, the cost price can be set later in the warehouse.

The number of offers and products you can work with is unlimited.

Step 2. Personnel settings

You can work with offers on your own, but it is much more convenient to transfer this work to your call center operators, logisticians and analysts. In the “Personnel Management” subsection of the “Control” section, you can add accounts for your company’s personnel.

To add an employee, just enter his name in the form at the top of the page and click “Add”. On the next page, you can specify the email and password for the user, his internal phone number and access rights.

The user can log into the system by email and the password that you set, or by using a special login link. The second option is much more convenient, because with it the user will be able to set the usual email and password himself. To get a login link, save your user settings and click on the “Login” button in the list.

Note that the created users have access to all orders in the company. To restrict their access, it is recommended to divide users into teams. Teams themselves are created and configured in the “Control” subsection of the same name.

The teams allow you to restrict user access to orders of different types, the visibility of the order list and phone numbers. We strongly recommend creating at least one call center team with “Calling mode” and access to orders in the new-recall-hold priority. Users without a team will have access to a complete list of all company orders. After creating teams, assign users to them in “Personnel Management”.

There is no limit to the number of users and teams you can create.

Step 3. Traffic sources settings

Your operators can add orders to CRM on their own, but it is much more convenient to shift this work to third-party traffic sources. A single affiliate, an arbitration team, an affiliate network, or any other entity that can send leads via API can act as a traffic source.

In the “Traffic Sources” subsection of the “Traffic” section, you can add a list of your affiliate. To add, just enter a title and click the “Add” button. A page will open where you may need three blocks:

  • Message: it should be copied and sent to the potential “Source”. There will be a link to enter the personal account, documentation and API access keys.
  • Statistics: select shortened statistics if you do not want to display data on delivery and buy-out of orders.
  • Postbacks: some networks and affiliates will ask you to set postback links to specific events. They will tell you about it themselves. For now, just remember that it is possible and where it is done.

In his personal account the “source” will see his statistics and a list of active offers. He will also have a magic button for downloading a ready-made API file that sends leads to the desired offer.

The number of traffic sources you can add is also unlimited.

Step 4. Working with orders

After you add offers, staff, and traffic sources, leads will start to appear in your company. Well, at least that’s how it was designed. And these leads will need to be processed.

Orders are processed by operators in the “Orders” section. The basis of order processing is the Big Green Button at the top of the page. It automatically selects the order that the operator can and should work with. The button also shows how many orders are currently available in the queue. If the button is gray, there are no orders yet. Operators in the call mode can press the “Get on line” button and orders will be opened with them automatically when they appear.

The order processing form contains all the necessary information:

  • Order contents – quantity, unit price, discounts, markups, shipping, cost price, order currency.
  • General information – name, phone number, delivery address, email, comment, custom fields .
  • Status change block allows you to approve or cancel an order, transfer an order to the next or previous processing statuses, set the time of the next call for an order.
  • Order status and changes history can be useful to the operator for planning a conversation.

The composition of the order form can change depending on the status, providing different options for actions and opening different fields for editing the order.

The number of orders available for processing, of course, is not limited.

What’s the catch?

It would seem that a good CRM system allows the call center and logisticians to work, there is warehouse accounting, there is analytics, you can work with affiliates, in fact there are no restrictions. Why is it free?

Ahead of your first thought: no, we do not trade in your data, this is clearly stated in the privacy policy. The reputation of our company is worth more than the pitiful pennies that anyone can offer for this data.

First, because we can. The AlterCPA Moe platform is based on the stripped-down AlterCPA Pro, which is very fast with leads. It doesn’t cost us anything just to keep such a service free, it doesn’t even load the server.

Secondly, AlterCPA Moe does not provide technical support. Quite, even for money. Something is not clear? Deal with it yourself, the AlterCPA staff will only shrug.

Thirdly, AlterCPA Moe won’t be enough for you quickly enough. It lacks too much. No work with websites, click analytics, accounting, payment commissions, even support. And all this is available in the full-featured AlterCPA Pro.

Fourth, remember what moe is, my dear otaku. We just love the CPA industry very much and want our adored object to grow and replenish with new adherents.

What to do next?

In the future, we will talk in more detail about all aspects of working with CPAmoe. Subscribe to our channels on social networks, read other articles in this series. Better yet, experiment with the interface, read the documentation and tips, try new things.