Case: protecting site from parsing with AlterCPA One

Case: protecting site from parsing with AlterCPA One

Have you created a unique landing page with high conversions? Don’t want your competitors to steal it? Accept it, it is guaranteed to be stolen. If a site can be seen by a targeted visitor, an attacker can always see it. But you can make the task as difficult as possible and raise the price for stealing your site by at least tenfold – from one to ten dollars. And AlterCPA One will help us with this.

Suppose you have a brand new cozy online store selling magic red thread directly from an authorized supplier – an equally cozy garment factory somewhere near Tambov. You’ve pissed off countless treasures for creating it and don’t want this masterpiece of a web-based thought workshop to go to cunning competitors,

To protect it, we need the following:

  • Account in AlterCPA One. Better paid and activated. Otherwise, you will have to pay first. Take for a year at once!
  • Primary Target Site. It is advisable to transfer it to some inconspicuous domain with a random set of characters instead of an address, in order to exclude accidental users.
  • Beautiful domain that will be visible to visitors and used in advertising campaigns and promotion.
  • A stub site that will be visible to scammers, bots and other unwanted individuals. For example, your old online store, which you stole from your competitor in the distant past, is suitable as it. It must be located on a domain that does not match the target site!
  • Minimalistic hosting for installing the filter itself. The same hosting account where your main site is stored is fine. Or a direct parking server from AlterCPA connected to your account AlterCPA One.

Step 1. Preparing filter site

Go to the “My Sites” section of your account at and add a new site. Use beautiful domain as a domain, which will receive traffic.

In the settings section that opens, it is strongly recommended to select the countries for which you will receive traffic. This will allow you to completely cut off bots that use cheap server capacities in Holland, Italy or Germany.

It is recommended to leave the rest of the filtering settings by default:

  • An empty filter list will enable the use of all available protection systems.
  • We will need to receive traffic using any protocol and from any device.
  • We do not need to ignore the domain, we work with a beautiful domain directly.

In the “Target site” and “Dummy site” fields, enter the domains of your target site and stub, respectively. It is recommended to specify domains, and not direct links, in order to get full-fledged transparent filtering and implement the ability to use links to nested product pages.

You can also use the full link in the dummy site without any problems. This will allow you to use full-featured transparent work for targeted visitors and send all junk visits directly to a specific page of the stub site.

Step 2. Deploying filter site

Save the site settings and go to the “Instructions” section.

There you will find a section “Automatic connection via AlterCPA White”, and in it the item “Dynamic site through a proxy” with a magic button “Download”. Download the ready-made archive and place it on your hosting.

Go to your hosting control panel, add a new site there with a beautiful domain , enable PHP support if necessary. Connect to FTP of your hosting and delete all unnecessary files in the root folder of the created site. Put the contents of the downloaded archive into this folder.

Step 3. Check it

Open beautiful domain in a browser. He works. Ask your friend in another country to open a beautiful domain. He does not work.

That’s all, enjoy the result!