You shall not pass! Blocking incoming traffic

You shall not pass! Blocking incoming traffic

You shall not pass! It’s time to ban everything we see! Especially incoming traffic. And we will help you with this.

Are you afraid of the inscription “Search traffic” on incoming leads? No problem, we can easily ruin the achievements of your SEO specialists by completely banning search traffic, check-the-box in the advanced settings.

Are you happy with our built-in traffic filters? Great, now you can check incoming leads using our filters, and again the checkbox is the same place.

Have succumbed to the influence of Occam’s Razor and do not want to produce entities? We have improved the capture of duplicates for you. Now we check both the phone, and the email, or just one of them. Guess where the checkbox is.

And for dessert for all flugegeheimen lovers, we added stop words. If any word gets inside the lead, it will automatically go to trash. This is how you can cancel test orders and catch fuck messages from happy customers. It is located … not guessed, not in advanced settings, but separately in each offer. Why not globally? So we will not lose the surname Phuck in asian leads, but we will block all the fucks in English speaking offers.