AlterCPA crew telegram bot

AlterCPA crew telegram bot

Meet Purr — the telegram bot to help the AlterCPA team. Listens to voice or video messages and converts to text. Answers the most frequently asked questions. Checks the status of licenses and servers. No popular “smart” hi-tech, just simple and reliable solutions. Like a true cat, can bite!

Short summary

You can write her directly to @AlterCPAChatBot or add to group chat. Send her /help or read a summary of the skills.

  • /service – services and price list
  • /checklist – offer creation checklist
  • /license code – activate license code
  • /info – show license information
  • /status – check system status
  • Purr, *command* – will run the specified command
  • Purr, say meow! – will say meow if in the mood

Voice message recognition

It all started with voice notes. They cause a lot of inconvenience in the work of the support service. Therefore, we have chosen an elegant solution to deal with such messages – automatic recognition.

Voice message recognition

As soon as a voice or video message appears in the chat, Purr listens to it and translates it into text. We don’t listen, but act exactly as it is written. At about the tenth message sent through this deaf telephone, there is a desire to find and strangle the virtual Purr. The desire to send the voices themselves is reduced only to emergency cases.

Technology and privacy

Several bots capable of voice recognition will be found on the network. For example, the well-known Voicy. You cannot trust them with confidential information – it mainly uses Google or Yandex tools for recognition. In addition, voice recognition gives the bot access to all chat messages.

That is why our bot is based on local recognition. The bot downloads the message to the server, converts the format through ffmpeg, runs the content through the vosk python library, and deletes the file. Not a single byte leaves the local server.

There are no breakthrough technologies here, only simple and accessible tools for everyone. We’ve published the detailed article on how the bot works and how to make the same one yourself.

Useful commands

A few simple commands will dump a sheet of very useful text for you. We will expand the list of these commands according to your requests.

  • /help – a brief summary of what the bot can do
  • /service – support services and pricing information
  • /checklist – checklist of data that we need to create an offer

Commands list

For the AlterCPA Pro license owners, we made express diagnostic commands. You will need a license key, which is specified in your personal account in To activate, send the command /license code, where specify your key instead of the word code, for example:

/license q23gaceh0lsa78atyo5exxsvz5ttrayr

Adding license

After activation, the command for checking the license status will become available to you. Send /info and Purr will get the current license status and expiration date. It will come in handy to check the associated license, but for real tasks the following command is much more useful – self-diagnosis.

Show license info

In case of any problems, you can check the status of all systems with the /status command. We will check your license, try to reach domains, check SSL and server availability. If something is wrong, we will give advice on how to fix it. The most important: don’t panic!

Check system status

Looks simple, but it covers common network failures – missed payments, expired domains, or a disconnected server. At the same time, it does not require access to the inside of the network itself. In other situations, errors will be shown by the diagnostic tool built into AlterCPA.

Small talks

The bot sees any text messages that contain the keyword “Purr” (always with a capital letter). We do not use any tricky algorithms, like Google Dialog Flow, to make a living creature out of a bot. The bot as stupidly and utilitarian as possible recognizes keywords in the text in order to call the corresponding command.

  • A short greeting: “Purr, say hello”
  • Help page: “Purr, show help”, “Purr, what can you do?”
  • Offer check list: “Purr, show check list”, “Purr, check-list, please”
  • Prices and services: “Purr, price”, “Purr, show support services”
  • Self diagnostics: “Purr, what’s our status”, “Purr, report!”, “Purr, it’s broken!”

Purr can say meow and make a bite. Wisely respond to gratitude. In an emergency, she is able to even summon Reznik himself from the depths of the code, but it is not recommended to do this without due respect.

Small talks

Add Purr to your group chats, experiment, treat voice sickness and just enjoy life with the AlterCPA team!

P.S.: it is not a smart bot. There is no point in asking how she’s doing. You don’t need to confess your love to her. She will not be in conversation with you. Why did you ask her to send nudes?!