AlterCPA WatchCat

AlterCPA WatchCat

Speaking of cats … We present to your attention our new project – a service for monitoring offers and payments AlterCPA WatchCat! This is another secret project of our team, which we decided to share with the world. Unlike AutoCall, here we fully imagine why it is needed and how it can facilitate the work of resellers and arbitration teams. Yes, and also large affiliates come in handy.

We all are painfully familiar with the situation when an offer disables a geo or lowers payments. As practice has shown, affiliate networks like to change their offers SUDDENLY! And sometimes they even forget to notify about it. All of a sudden you may find that the payment has fallen down beyound the limits or the traffic is flowing nowhere.

Of course, you can follow the news of all the networks you are interested in manually, looking at them every morning and checking for updates on your offers. Especially when you work as a reseller or as a team, and you have a thousand offers. Or you can monitor social networks in which affiliates post their changes – Facebook, VK, Twitter, Tinder, MySpace and a dozen more. And look for accurate data on the news “Payments for dick extender changed!”, trying to find out what kind of rates, for which countries and which cream have changed.

Agree, it is much easier when all the changes flow in one place? AlterCPA WatchCat service monitors all changes occurring with offers in your favorite affiliate networks. Both for public offers and for your individual private offers and payments. Should the hold, geography, price tags or rates of your payments change, our Wise Sentinel Cat will immediately notice all the changes and inform you in the updates feed, by email or via Telegram.

Interesting? Please welcome to – free and without SMS, but with registration and telegrams. Start your morning with a news feed from our cat or just add our bot in your team Telegram group chat.

Our service needs your support! At the start, we have only 16 public networks and a miserable ten of thousands of offers. Want your favorite network to appear in our monitoring? Just contact their technical support and ask them to join us! After all, no network will ever refuse the request of his beloved affiliates.