The time has come for the next stable release of the AlterVision CPA Platform v 3.9! The main improvements of this version touched the improvement of the call center and the introduction of new call modes.

Finally, after only a little more than five years since the start of work, our built-in call center can be considered full-fledged. Well … almost. We have implemented the ability to attach call recordings to orders. It works at the API level and allows you to magically attach a record from almost any PBX that can work with the API.

The call center received two additional modes of operation – the “call mode” and the “incoming calls mode”. These modes allow you to maximally simplify the work of operator, removing most of the controls that can cause confusion. In the call mode, the user has only one large green button. Clicking on it automatically selects the order with which you want to work. The small button below allows you to take available orders automatically when they appear.

The mode of incoming calls removes even the green button. It is intended for use in call centers that process incoming calls or work with a robotic dialing system. In order for incoming calls to work, you will need to study our call center API and integrate it with your telephony tools and work methods.

We are preparing to release our own product for AlterCPA AutoCall robotic dialing, the estimated release date is within a month.

We also released the first version of tools for affiliate teams. Now affiliates in your network can be combined into affiliate teams with general statistics and centralized management. While this is only the first draft, a serious version is planned in AlterCPA v3.11 for obvious reasons.

Some small, but very useful improvements:
– API-requests log
– Manual lead adding for call center
– Sending goods list from landings
– JSON support in API requests