AlterCPA v 3.6

Here again you diligently poke us with a wand to check, and what if we are dead. We dare to assure you, we are very much alive and want to present you a new version of AlterVision CPA Platform v3.6 with one of the largest updates in the history of development, read to the end will be a bonus!

We have done a titanic job in order to implement fully functional domain parking for you! From now on, the affiliate will be able to park the domain not only as a tool for redirection, but also attach it entirely to landing and prelanding site.

New section of threads in the affiliate’s interface has become easier and more convenient. Flow links are visible immediately, a search field has been added. The page with flow settings got the ability to preview offer landing and prelanding pages. There are no more problems with hundreds and thousands of flows – we thought of adding page-by-page navigation. Somewhere there should be a smiley with a slowpoke, but we have not yet managed to find it …

The affiliate and the agency (reseller) have a section called “Postback Log” – now it will be a little easier to check the postback’s correctness. You can also set a global postback for all “empty” flows.

If you work with external sites and non-merchandise offers, such as casinos, gambling, bets, we also have something to please you! The process of integrating third-party offers has been simplified many times. Virtual “redirect sites” are at your service for connecting an offer within a couple of minutes. Postback samples for your merchant are presented in the same place – you don’t have to invent anything. Of course, we do not have enough expanded “targets” for the offers, but we are already working on it.

Offers have a list of allowed and prohibited sources of traffic. Of course, it does not affect the actual filtering, but he added the convenience of affiliates and administrators.

Network administrators, we have prepared some nice improvements for you:
– Diagnostic section in which you can reset the system cache, check the structure of the database and active processes.
– Full access to flows, split-tests, offers and domains of a user without having to log in on his behalf.
– Settings for merchants’ access to offers and order data blocks.
– Black lists of phone numbers and IP-addresses of customers for blocking absolutely inveterate spammers.

The network interface has been fully translated into English. We also started a complete redesign of the Help section and in the next version (3.10) we will add it in both languages.

Important! When installing this version, you will need to update not only the core folder on the main server, but also help. In addition, upload new versions of cms.php to websites of landing and prelanding sites.

A small bonus for partners and lovers of recursion! We launched the “affiliate program for eat affiliate program”, namely the referral program for sales of our engine. You can receive 10% from each sale of the license, both lifelong and monthly, for each month. Sign up, add an offer: – recommend to friends, create case studies and info courses on launch your affiliate program