AlterCPA v 3.5

The summer has come to an end and it is high time to sum it up with the release of the new version of the AlterVision CPA Platform v3.5 and the new system support site –

The current release of the system turned out to be really summer and lazy – we have practically nothing to surprise you, since we have postponed the development of new functions to a productive autumn. Under the hood, the system has undergone very serious changes – we conducted a thorough analysis of the code and eliminated dozens of minor bugs hiding from us for months. Reduced memory consumption, increased interface performance.

We are slowly preparing to release full-featured domain parking tools for landing sites and prelanding sites. Prelanding CMS received a refinement that allows it to work regardless of which domain it is called from, which allows you to use any site mirrors on different domains, including keeping landing pages and prelandings in different folders of the same domain.

Professional version 3.5 and free 2.0 after optimizing the code are not only available for PHP 5.6-7.0, but also support PHP 7.1 and 7.2, the builds are available in the download center on the new site.

The main innovation of this summer was the new support site with the user’s personal account, which will allow you to purchase and renew licenses without the need to directly contact the developer. We have updated the documentation and are expanding the instructions, trying to cover as many questions as you ask us with answers.

Support for the free version 2.0 is closed completely and irrevocably, its documentation has moved to /dev/null, and additional services for it are no longer provided. Renewal of support for this version is not planned, in dreams – release of the curtailed modern version 3.x in free access.