AlterCPA v 3.4

In the wake of the universal joy of another victorious match for Russia #чм2018 in football, we also decided to make you happy! Today we are releasing the AlterVision CPA Platform v3.4!

Since we already have the support of almost all world currencies, now payments on the offers can be set in any convenient currency – it is automatically converted into the main currency of the system at the time of order confirmation. Do you want to work in rubles throughout the system and in euro instead of dollars for a couple of offers? Now this is not a problem!

Affiliates will be pleased with the new report – website statistics. Determining the most successful pair has become even easier! Without ceasing to please affiliates, we added the ability to display buyout data in all reports of affiliates statistics.

Serious changes also affected the work of companies with call centers. We improved the setting of access rights of your teams to the leads, added the ability to restrict access by offers, setting priorities for leads in various statuses. Call center payments (like any others) now support not only upsale (selling more than one unit of the main product), but also cross-sale (selling an additional product).

Under the hood, the system has got a tremendous change. We refuse to use the “hack folder” and quietly transfer all the settings into a convenient visual interface. You no longer need to climb to the server to change the system parameters, almost everything can be changed in the “Control” > “Settings” section. Plus, we again increased performance and reduced memory consumption on administrative tasks. It was at the highest level anyway, but as you know, there is no limit to perfection