AlterCPA v 3.2

Less than a year, as we prepared the next update for our platform. AlterCPA v 3.2 update was released! This time we decided to work more on important integration and performance updates.

This version adds the following:
– New ClickServer click counting system. We have completely revised the method of calculating clicks and time spent by users on sites. Using ClickServer, you can increase the number of clicks processed to a thousand per second (or even more, it was not possible to verify, we did not find as many clicks).
– Support for integration of third-party sites without installing them on Landing CMS. Now in the system you can start non-commodity offers of third-party networks, for example: casino, games, gambling. If a website can save only one parameter in its order, you can connect it! Functional is now in beta mode.
– Support for parked domains in split tests. They actually worked from the very moment of the creation of the split tests, but only in the manual mode. Now everything is done for usability
– The graph in the statistics on the dates for the affiliate and the reseller. You have been asking us about this revision for a long time, asking to love and favor. For the time being, we are only presenting the very first version with a fixed set of parameters, but in future versions we plan to support the selection of the data you need on the graph ????
– Updated help and support interface with contacts of personal manager. Trifle, and pleasant – if you use personal managers in your network, their contact details will be shown immediately on the help page.

In addition, under the hood, as always, the small sea of ​​corrected bugs, the boundless ocean of new interesting bugs and various pleasant little things that have not yet been decided exactly, are they a bug or feature

Important! When updating, do not forget to upload changes-3.1-3.2.sql file from the setup folder to the database.