AlterCPA v 3.17

We have developed a tradition of releasing new versions with reference to the holidays of the IT industry, and today would not be an exception if it were not for natural laziness! On the day of the system administrator, we did not have time to present to your attention the stable AlterCPA version 3.17, so according to another tradition, simply we will arrange it on the fourth of an even month! Summer versions are never famous with us for a special volume of functions, but we still have something to please you!

We have learned to count your money better. The central refinement of this version is the ability to calculate the ROI for advertising campaigns for affiliates. And, of course, the new ROI calculation can be used in all affiliate statistics reports, counting the cost of a click for any parameters of interest. We have already talked about this in more detail in our blog: Calculating ROI – and we can’t say better, so just read there.

Speaking of statistics, one cannot ignore the huge revision of its internal core. You no longer have to think about such a thing as click retention times – everything can be stored forever without sacrificing performance. Or almost without damage, but you still won’t notice it. Everything was taken apart, lubed a lot and given a magic kick for maximum speed. Just set the deadline for moving clicks to the archive somewhere in the wilds of advanced settings.

In the previous version, we implemented the first rudiments of dropshipping mechanisms, but forgot to provide everything with statistics. We are improving, we are cute. Now in the statistics section for affiliates, you can include columns with data on the receipt, cost price and projected profit, as well as display real finances in the format of income-expense-profit. Of course, the data on the cost price must be inserted into the order through integration, your own internal calculation of the cost price is still in development.

Working with payments for affiliates now boasts a completely new mechanism – a payout generator. You can make all your payments manually, without giving affiliates the opportunity to order them. Indeed, why do affiliates need payments at all? With the help of the new section, the administrator can also assess the state of the user’s account for a certain day, for example, for payment for a period or an advance payment taking into account the withdrawal of orders from the hold. It is very convenient if AlterCPA is used as a tracker for your arbitration team.

We also continue to cut our own cloak, built right into AlterCPA. Or not just built-in? You will soon find out! In the meantime, the mechanisms of work were combed in the cloak, having established the transfer of UTM tags. For the convenience of inserting the code, we made our own ready-made JS mechanisms with redirection and iframe insertion. And they also added integration with IM KLO with the ability to work with their databases right inside AlterCPA. Over time, we will make a single solution to which you can simply connect all previously purchased cloaks.

We’ve also added a couple of nice little things:

  • The outdated text editor TinyMCE has been removed from the system, replaced by the modern SummetNote solution with convenient insertion of pictures and work with text. Fast, comfortable, nice.
  • On the main page of the network, administrators can familiarize themselves with errors in the system’s operation, for example, due to incorrect configuration of landing pages or unstable operation of site storage servers. Now you have one more reason to pester your techies.
  • The order analytics section has received additional columns with finances in the hold. It will be extremely useful for those who like to torment the webmasters with waiting, and will not interfere with those who do not use hold.
  • The built-in CRM has the ability to automatically track KazPost parcels with the movement of leads between statuses during the delivery process.
  • You can enable filtering of bots trying to register in your network using reCAPTCHA version 2, which is the most reliable option nowadays. Tried third generation, no filtering

Very important! This update will put a heavy load on the database. Hopefully the last time thanks to the new click storage structure.