AlterCPA v 3.16

All self-isolation measures in Russia are slowly coming to an end and the time has come for the stable version of AlterCPA v 3.16 to emerge from deep isolation! This time, without reference to any holiday from the IT sphere, but next time we will definitely fix it. In the new version, we are waiting for multi-currency, direct parking, cloaking, site archives and TikTok pixel! We are a little ashamed of it, but we simply had no choice!

We begin, of course, with the most important upgrade. Inside AlterCPA, many currencies are now supported for a user account. You will no longer have to convert all euro payments into dollars or suffer from jumps in the rate of “hard wooden” currency. Simply set the additional currencies for which user accounts will be generated, and payments will be processed in their real currency. The accounting sections will also group financial operations by the currency. The statistics sections you can choose a convenient currency for calculation. In payments you can now set bot the incoming payment currency and the outgoing user account to which this payment will be credited. No one forbids processing merchant payments in euros, and send payments to affiliates in dollars.

Since we have several user accounts, we add the ability to create several withdrawal methods. And the pre-moderation of user wallets, why not. The withdrawal and user finance sections have been significantly redesigned for ease of use. Both of them have a withdrawal history. In the admin section, all payments have beautifully decomposed into wallets with an updated clean interface. Affiliates have the opportunity to exchange internal currencies.

With the support of many currencies and different withdrawal methods, the time has come to implement integration with payment systems. As the first integration experiment, we accidentally came across the Capitalist service. When setting up payment methods, you can immediately bind them to one of the Capitalist mass payment methods and get ready-made withdraw lists.

Among our developments there is an interesting open project – AlterCPA White. Once it was an easy and simple script proxy for creating white sites for cloaking. But we slightly modified it with some shit and sticks, and got an interesting utility for direct parking of domains. In combination with AlterCPA Pro, it allows you to park the domain directly to the smartlink, showing the contents of the smartlink directly on this domain, which we recently talked about in our blog. Direct parking will require an additional virtual server, details are described in the documentation.

We also refined the cloaking built into AlterCPA to such a state that you can use it in production, not for the sake of experiment. Equipped with smart blacklists, additional algorithms for analyzing visits and generating blacklists on the fly. We plan to further develop this area by implementing integration with other cloaking solutions so that you can combine the fastest AlterCPA filters with extensive blacklists of other cloaking tools.

To please fans of cloaking on third-party software, we taught AlterCPA to give affiliates ready-made archives of sites into which the lead sending code is immediately embedded. The archive, of course, is not automatically generated, it must first be uploaded to the system. But for the convenience of administrators, we also created a utility that will try very hard to make a good ready-made archive from an existing site. Do not forget to optimise before use.

Along with all the serious seriousness, there are a couple of small amenities:

  • In the system settings, you can now change the interval for checking delivery orders. You no longer need to wait a day between checks, set the interval from one hour and speed up checking for courier deliveries.
  • When registering on your network, you can enable reCAPTCHA of the latest version, which least of all spoils the lives of people and sufficiently complicates its bots.
  • Offers now support the work model that we called Cash-on-Return. Its essence is that orders in completed and return status are considered paid. In combination with various payments by status, you can pay the affiliate for completed and fine for a returned order.
  • When viewing the offer by the administrator, two useful buttons were added – a pop-up statistics window and an offer settings editor. A trifle, but pleasant and comfortable.
  • On sites, you can add a tracking code from Tik-Tok. Is there even money in this network for degradants?

Meanwhile, stable AlterCPA entered version 3.16 with a beautiful 1111 build, and we quietly launched the jubilee hundredth network based on AlterCPA!