AlterCPA v 3.15

While the chaos caused by the coronavirus reigns in the world, we try to stay calm and keep working on AlterCPA! And today, on International Webmaster Day, we present to your attention AlterCPA version 3.15! In this version, we took the first steps towards dropshipping and added a bunch of useful little things.

Six years after the first launch, we finally decided to rewrite the built-in landings CMS from scratch. Of course, while maintaining backward compatibility: you do not need to redo thousands of existing sites. The main feature of the new CMS was the automatic update of prices on sites. Now all the price tags that you change in the settings of the offer or the internal goods instantly change on the linked sites.

Since we have learned how to change prices on sites according to data from the main platform, why not let affiliates set prices for goods themselves? You can enable the ability to set price tags in the offer settings, and the affiliate will be able to specify prices interesting to him in the stream settings. In fact, this is exactly what dropshipping works from the point of view of the affiliate.

In the lead statistics for the affiliate, you can now show customer data, advanced status and order composition. For resellers with enhanced access, they are also available. Do not forget that the display of this data to the affiliate should be reflected in your privacy policy!

Payments for offers received a rather interesting tool – linking to order statuses. This allows you to implement, for example, an accrual scheme with additional incentives for the purchased order. Combined with negative payments, this will be useful to simulate dropshipping commissions.

The new CMS on sites now supports additional analytics tools. In the flow settings, the affiliate can set the Facebook conversion ID and conversion data for Google. The MailTarget counter is available for use. The list of available analytics systems is now configurable both globally and for each individual offer.

The order and delivery analytics sections for administrators have new breakdown options. When viewing statistics for an individual offer, the analytics displays a breakdown of the objectives of this offer. When viewing country statistics, the analytics displays a breakdown by region of the selected country.

The new CMS has the ability to self-control. It’s even cooler than staying home! Administrators received two additional sections – a complete list of all network sites with the ability to search for the desired site at the address and a site error log. It will reflect problems with the availability of sites, their API, server responses and update errors. A kind of small built-in Zabbix for all sites on the network.

In addition, the release added a bunch of pleasant and useful things:

  • The utilities have a section for recalculating payments for orders. If for some reason you suddenly incorrectly configured payments, you can recalculate them for the selected offer and company for the selected period.
  • The utilities received a tool for clearing personal data of orders in accordance with the GDPR. You can clear the entire data history by phone number or email.
  • Domain parking is no longer divided by site type. With the new version of CMS, one domain is immediately parked for use with landings, prelendings, and TDS.
  • The price tags in the offers are no longer linked to the currency, now they are indicated by country. In addition, the fields “Old Price” and “Discount” were added, the values of which can be used in the CMS on sites.
  • When working with withdraw requests, the administrator can add comments to them. We do not know why this is necessary, but let it be.
  • The API log now has search tool for error codes. Finding problems with broken postbacks will be much easier.
  • The arbitration teams received an access control tool. Now you can open the team all the offers of the selected category or a specific list of offers without getting into the settings of the offer itself.

In the meantime, we congratulate all the webmasters and creators of those yours internets on your professional holiday! We wish you a single browser, a gigabit channel and stick your f-cking few megabytes JavaScript into your pooper!