AlterCPA v 3.14

The PI time came! We have prepared for you a stable release of AlterCPA Pro version 3.14 with a bunch of pleasant and useful innovations. As always, we carried out titanic work to celebrate all types of the New Year and Christmas, including any associated holidays, so at first glance it might seem that we do not have enough updates!

Internet technology is changing, and we can no longer ignore the new version of the protocol – IPv6. The new version includes full support for IPv6 addresses in all sections of the system, including leads, clicks, geolocation, and blacklists. Work with IPv6 is as fast as with classic IPv4, outwardly you will not notice the difference, and it will not affect performance either.

A new section has appeared in the offers – promotional materials. You can upload creatives, banners, videos, certificates or reference documentation for your offers, so that it’s easier for affiliates to work with them.

Affiliates will appreciate the opportunity to choose the statuses by which they will get the postback request. There is no longer any need to combat sending requests for each status change, just select sending only for confirmed leads. This functionality is supported for both global and flow postbacks.

Fans of services, crypts and dating will be even more pleased. We have added support for offers working with user registrations. Now you can create landing pages that conduct user registration on their side and send it to your personal account directly. Without crutches, directly integrated AlterCPA integration tools.

Smartlinks of the internal TDS became really smart. Added a whole bunch of pleasant things:

  • The choice of a site can now be carried out taking into account the offer EPC. The higher the offer EPC is, the more likely we send the visitor there. This can significantly increase the profitability of offers.
  • Moreover, TDS can take into account the EPC offer in the context of a particular country and maximize the profitability of each particular geo.
  • For even greater convenience, TDS no longer requires mandatory country restrictions for added sites. If no restrictions are set, you can use the appropriate offer settings. So TDS can be assembled by simply throwing a bunch of sites and letting them work on their own.
  • In some cases, it may be convenient to enable rotation of offers. Each time the link is opened, the visitor will be sent to an offer that he has not yet seen. Didn’t like one, maybe the other will do?
  • For that rare case when it was not possible to select the appropriate offer, TDS can use the traffic specified in the user stream and redirect traffic to it.

The built-in cloak begins to acquire some visible features of at least a little useful tool. We added a detailed visit log to it, which allows you to view in real time all the data about each of the requests in the API. In addition, we included some basic blacklists for filtering visits in AlterCPA. In the future, we plan to investigate traffic and create high-quality filtering lists for you. We look forward to your tests and participation in this process!

Very important! This update will cause a serious load on your server, be sure to schedule it for the time of the least load on all your servers. In addition to updating the system itself, be sure to install updates for the site repository.