AlterCPA v 3.13

Friday the thirteenth! What to expect from this day? Of course, the fresh release of AlterCPA v 3.13! Everyone knows that installing updates on Friday is in trouble, and installing the thirteenth version on Friday 13th is for a fun weekend! And now we’ll tell you what two months of development took to make the weekend fun especially rampant!

Once again, we managed to create the most extensive update in terms of volumes of the refactored and new code. The approach to working with leads was completely rethought. Since version 3.13, the AlterCPA platform supports different CPA models.

AlterCPA has always been based on the CPS work model – payment for an approved lead. And now you can choose which lead is considered approved. In the CoD work model, only the lead that was purchased by the buyer will be approved from the point of view of the affiliate. Work for valid leads on the CPL model will be considered canceled only by trash leads. And the CPA model will be considered approved by any lead that entered the system. At the same time, suppliers in their CRM will continue to work with real approves, cancellations, delivery and returns, while the webmaster will see the lead status that is determined by the model of the offer.

To please fans of the traffic that cannot be called a merchandise, we revived the traffic sources. From now on, this is not just a useless list on the offer page, but a tool that directly affects payments. You are free to set various payments for the traffic sources allowed for the offer, and for visual convenience, also link these sources to offer goals.

Owners of large sites can also rejoice – now high-quality traffic will not go to waste from the main pages, because we now have support for Deeplinks. It will not be difficult for the webmaster to direct the visitor to that page of your extensive site, which he considers necessary, not limited to the set of entry points you provided.

We are trying to follow modern safety trends on the network, so we tried to pull the condom on AlterCPA. Data center security did not appreciate our impulses and drove us out of the server room. Therefore, we limited ourselves to the implementation of full HTTPS support. Now, a secure connection will work with both the main interface of the network, and all the sites included in it. Parked domains will also receive their SSL certificate automatically within an hour after activation. All flow links will be translated to HTTPS as soon as such technical capabilities appear on their domains. Please note that for existing users this functionality requires additional server configuration, contact us for advice.

As you know, the affiliate will never know what is happening inside the network. To show them that you really got an update, we made a dashboard! The main page for everyone except call center operators now shows the latest network news, personal manager contacts and the most useful indicators of traffic efficiency and quality.

And now let’s briefly go through the undoubtedly important, but not so extensive improvements regarding administration and network settings:
– Convenient activity filters and sorting settings have appeared in the offers section. And also after any change in the offer, you will return to the page with the selected filter, not to the full list.
– Manual payments now support setting commissions via a standard interface. You can sketch out a list of fees for different categories of users, passing the “base” amount of payment by API.
– Built-in bookkeeping has a new interface, separating balance sheets and payment statistics. Accounts receivable and creditor moved to their own section, and accounting now knows how to show the movement of funds by users.
– Via datasets you have the opportunity to customize the list of problems with calls and discounts/taxes for the call center.
– We added the section with useful utilities: changing the domain of sites and redirect URLs, updating data files on servers, quickly adding and deleting users in white and black lists of offers, recheck the status of accepted orders.
– The API log has become much more detailed and received new search filters: by offers, sites, clicks, orders and flows.
– The action log has been updated with data on the IP address and browser of the user, which is useful for tracking the actions of the administration.

Attention! Very important! This update causes a very high load on the database during installation. We highly recommend planning it for the period of lowest activity on your network. The evening of the Friday the thirteenth is fine.