AlterCPA v 3.12

Xoxo everyone! Our beloved AlterCPA received a stable version 3.12, one of the innovations of which came as a surprise even to me, the leading developer of the platform! But first things first. What is new waiting for you in this release?

The first pleasant surprise was the mobile version. We all understand that the AlterCPA-based CPA network and the mobile version are not compatible by definition – there is no way to cram these large statistics tables into the narrow screen of a mobile phone. But we did everything so that the mobile version of AlterCPA did not cause rejection. If after an update you suddenly lost filters, remember – Shift+F5 and Cmd+Shirt+R rulez!

The sections of personnel management were also rebuilt, both within the company and in the network as a whole. We forbade administrators to shoot their knees, with users it will no longer be possible to crank up any dangerous actions, like pushing an ordinary webmaster inside the agency. Safety comes first!

In the same case, if one of the administrators decides to screw up, now we have all the moves recorded. The admin action log has appeared in the system, which records almost any changes made to the entities of the system.

These entities also do not cease to multiply, arrogantly ignoring all the principles of Occam with his razor. Finally, it became possible to set up a list of withdrawal methods for webmasters. At the moment, withdrawal methods are nothing more than a simple list of options, but in the next version we will come up with something with integration of payments with payment services.

Integration with external offers and services now boasts support for iframe-pixels and tracking codes. Although, they will easily work on system sites. How to configure the insertion of your tracking code on sites – read the documentation.

The documentation for companies, in turn, was replenished with a description of the statistics and analytics API. Want to collect financial information from all the systems involved in your business? From now on, the income and expenses of AlterCPA are at a glance, in the context of offers, dates, geo and any other necessary parameters.

And now it’s time for the cherry on the cake. It seems we have added our built-in cloaking solution to AlterCPA. Suddenly. It’s just that the leading developer in the person of me thought a little over the weekend and wrote the first drafts of cloak. Nearly five thousand lines of code in three days. Accidentally. Like Fleshlite. It happens to everyone. The cloak itself is still in its infancy, but we plan to develop this area.

In addition, we have slightly refined our useful mini-CMS for white cloaking sites. You can read about it and download it here: – this is all better than the built-in solutions for white sites that offer modern cloaking products.