AlterCPA v 3.11 for Workgroups

AlterCPA v 3.11 for Workgroups

Summer is still in full swing, but wanders somewhere outside the central part of Russia, which means it’s time to warm up with a cup of hot mulled wine and throw a couple of thousand lines of new code. The long-awaited AlterCPA v 3.11 for Workgroups has come out in a stable release!

As always, this is the best AlterCPA that has ever existed at the moment, because besides us no one makes AlterCPA, and we obviously will not worsen it. And we keep our promises.

Gangs (arbitrator teams) can now be considered a full-featured tool for your affiliate network. We added two important features: setting up payments and providing access to the offer for the whole team. Under the hood, the gangs also had many changes – now they work as quickly as possible and have no effect on network performance. Workgroups will be happy.

We are constantly expanding the capabilities of simple and quick setup of your network without interfering with the code. The “Datasets” section has become a pleasant trifle for administrators, in which all sorts of different “useful lists” in the system are easily configured: main and additional categories of offers, types of traffic.

The built-in CRM and call center also received one useful innovation. The call center operator can transfer processing time of the lead in any status – from now on it’s not the case for leads in the call center processing. Packing, shipping, delivery – in any department you can organize convenient processing of leads with the transfer to the necessary time.

But all this fades against the really serious refinement: warehouse accounting has appeared in the built-in CRM-system of AlterCPA! You can get all the product items available at the warehouse and attach them to existing offers and their internal goods. To everyone’s joy, for each heading you can also evaluate the buyout statistics – a trifle, but a pleasant one.

The eternal problem with our CRM at AlterCPA has always been logistics. With your love of “schematosis” of all colors and sizes, we simply cannot even reach the tip of the iceberg of CPA logistics. Therefore, we slightly modified the delivery interface and prepared instructions for organizing your own logistics service for you.

All CRM innovations are available both for professional AlterCPA and free CPAmoe. If you are just thinking about purchasing a professional version, you can play around with the warehouse at

Small improvements:

  • API for loading statistics for the company (documentation on them will “reach” in the next rebuild)
  • All references to WebMoney and WMR have sunk into oblivion, remember WMR with a moment of silence.
  • Improved search of orders by identifiers (lead, click and both external)
  • Blocking lead duplicates in trash to stop spammers
  • Support message sent automatically when offer access is approved
  • Distributing orders according to UTM tags
  • Improved correction and recognition of telephone numbers

Stable version 3.11 will still receive some minor documentation updates, follow them on Twitter and Telegram.