AlterCPA v 3.10

Summer is in full swing, people are enjoying the warmth and sunshine, swimming and sunbathing, and we as idiots are preparing for you another stable release of AlterVision CPA Professional v 3.10! If you are already subscribed to our twitter or a Telegram channel – we will not surprise you with anything, because you are already aware of all the updates in real time! Yes, this is a very fatty hint, even fatter than the lead AlterCPA developer! For everyone else, we have something to show – the release turned out to be extremely serious!

Important! Surely you don’t read it to the end, so let’s say in advance: when updating the system, you definitely must download and upload a new license file to the server! The license file is available in your personal account on

Traffic distribution mechanisms have received a very useful revision – the so-called TDS-sites, which are sometimes called Smart Link. They allow you to create virtual “sites” for offers that automatically distribute traffic between different offers depending on the country, type of traffic and … the number of leads! Yes, we finally realized the distribution of traffic by the number of leads on the fly! By the way, there is it not only in system TDS-sites, but also in personal split-tests. These mechanisms work very quickly and have virtually no effect on performance.

The graphonium was brought to affiliate statistics! Date and time reports now display detailed change charts. On the chart you can show any of their columns, presented in the report table. An example is on an attached photo. Of course, this dirty trick can be turned off, so as not to have an eye blistering

In addition, statistics for affiliates has been replenished with a new column – leads in the hold. If necessary, you can separate hold from waiting if network logic requires it. Or, for example, to show the hold in the composition of the approve rate, and at the same time – in a separate column.

Goods merchants can finally be pleased with the revised and convenient analytics of delivery, which takes into account various options for buyout and displays the buyout for once in percentages rather than in quantitative form.

Documentation for affiliate and merchant has been seriously reworked. More precisely, totally and completely rewritten from scratch in accordance with the current version of the system. Both in Russian and in English. No need to shame in front of foreign colleagues.

Well, let’s get a small handful of cherries on our cake, such trifles appeared in the system:
– Stable regularly updated GeoIP database, exchange rates and telephone operators with reference to cities and regions (operators so far only in the Russian Federation).
– Automatic update of the ClickServer to the latest version
– Cleaned distribution without unnecessary files (preparing for the introduction of automatic system updates).
– Ability to transfer the composition of the order and additional fields directly from the landings.
– Analysis of third-party affiliates in shipping and order analytics.
– The use of cross-sales when calculating the salaries of call center employees.

Solemnly laying out version 3.10 with build number 666, we smoothly proceed to the development of a new AlterCPA v 3.11 for Workgroups, in which we will try to focus on the work of affiliate teams. Follow the changes and updates on the Twitter and Telegram