AlterCPA v 3.1 was released! We decided to increase the minor version of the product by one since the list of updates in version 3.0 became too long and stopped to fit in the editor. But besides this, version 3.1 will delight you with major updates!

Upgrading is one, but the large one:
– Private offers. Offers finally got a mechanism to configure access and block traffic. Added white and black lists of access to the offer. The first is responsible for issuing access to private offers, the second – for restricting access to public offers.

Important! When updating, do not forget to upload the changes-3.0-3.1.sql file from the setup folder to the database. In addition, the cms.php file for landing pages has been updated.

And while we are planning to increase the minor version of the system with new updates every one to two months. Having reached version 3.11, we will definitely release it under the name AlterCPA for Workgroups!