AlterCPA Pro v.20

AlterCPA Pro v.20

404! We congratulate all webmasters and creators of these Internets on their professional holiday! And according to the established tradition, we are releasing AlterCPA v20. In this version, we decided not to waste time on trifles and focus entirely on three major improvements that have been waiting for their time for too long: dialer, styling and a cozy little bloggie.

Let’s start with the dialer. AutoCall was once a separate product that required purchase, installation, configuration, and generally hadn’t even a piece of convenience. We decided to reduce the tonnes of suffering of our users and brought AutoCall inside AlterCPA. We talked more about AutoCall here:

Yes, that’s right, AutoCall is also available in AlterCPA Moe, our free CRM for sales automation. As well as logistics, warehouse accounting, in-depth analytics of costs and profits, and all other tools. Free and unlimited. Because we can.

Styling is the second major revision of this version. We’ve added the ability to create our own skin styles for the AlterCPA interface. For now, this is a test feature that will improve significantly in the future. You will be able to change the appearance of the network, edit templates, resources, CSS and JS files, and use ready-made design styles. If you want, you can even let users choose the design of the network themselves.

As a first try in stylization, we present you with the dark theme. So far, only with a black navigation bar, but already in horizontal and vertical embodiment. All system themes are updated automatically and keep up to date with the platform.

The news section has undergone a number of small but useful changes. Now it has turned out to be a full-featured, cozy little blog. Work with publications has moved to its point in the “Management” section. The news now has the ability to add a picture and a short description. News categories can be customized to your needs. The news can be marked with the desired language and keep your news feed in each language.

Downloading ready-made customized sites from a flow page became almost the de facto standard for merchandise affiliate networks. We made it a little easier for the affiliate to “fine-tune” such a site for himself. Now all pixels and analytics track codes specified in the flow will be automatically included in the site’s archive. Both on the site itself and on the built-in “Thank you” page.

If the sites are not downloaded, then domains are parked. We’ve slightly redesigned the concept of default domains to make their use more convenient and enjoyable. You no longer need to choose a single domain for all three types of link generation – redirects, landing pages and pre-landing pages. For each type of link, you can select a domain separately. In this case, the selected domain will be used by default in the preview links of all sites on the network.

There is almost no room left for pleasant things in this release, but something useful has appeared:

  • For the sake of convenience, we slightly redesigned the streams page in the affiliate’s personal account. Two extremely useful buttons have been added: create a new flow for the same offer and go to the offer itself.
  • Reimagined the utility for bulk editing orders. She now not only changes the status of the order, but also knows how to transfer orders between companies, recalculate, freeze and unfreeze payments, and all this according to the list of order IDs and other convenient criteria.
  • We have automated the work with pictures in texts. Now any picture inserted inside the text is automatically uploaded to the server and does not require any fiddling with uploads. Just Ctrl+C – Ctrl+V in the editor.
  • A filter by tag appeared in the API log with the very magic z parameter that we recommended adding to all postbacks. Finding buggy postbacks will become much easier.
  • A couple of useful little things have been added to the internal system APIs: listing news and users.
  • API for working with parked domains and direct parking appeared for users. So far in test mode, but in the next version we will “concrete” and add it to the documentation.