AlterCPA Pro v.19

AlterCPA Pro v.19

And again the fourth day of an even month, and again the release time of the fresh stable version of AlterCPA. Meet AlterCPA 19, shining in the spotlight! The latest TEEN version, we’ll make only serious MILFs further! In this issue you will find logistics, cost prices, dropshipping, subid and a bunch of nice little things.

We returner full-featured logistics to the built-in CRM in AlterCPA. Once upon a time, back in 2014, it already visited our codebase, but the technologies of her ancestors were lost without a trace. And now, seven years later, we present you the reimagined logistics core of AlterCPA. What the new logistics can do:

  • Unlimited integration with delivery services with different settings.
  • Automatic tracking of parcels with transfer to completed and return statuses.
  • Sending orders to the personal account of the logistics service via API.
  • Printing labels and documents to send.
  • Calculation of the cost and delivery time of the parcel.
  • Additional fields in the order processing form, for example, for convenient selection of pick point for self-pickup delivery.

At the start, we launch the main delivery services in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. KazPochta and Nova Poshta support full integration with the ability to send parcels and print labels and invoices. The Russian Post itself does not send parcels to the personal account, but generates all the necessary address sheets for sending, and at the same time calculates the delivery time. BelPoshta currently only supports tracking of parcels. We will definitely expand the list of supported delivery services.

The model for calculating the cost of an order has finally been finished. Added the cost of delivery and services. You can configure it in the “Prices” section of the selected offer. There, at the same time, the ability to customize the delivery price by country was added.

Dropshipping! We do have it! With the advent of full-featured logistics and cost accounting, AlterCPA can be used as a complete platform for dropshipping. The final missing touch was support for dropshipping model payments and commissions. Now you can separately take the cost of the service for approved orders, the cost of delivery for orders in transit, a double price tag for return orders and the price of goods for completed ones.

Suddenly it turned out that some teaser networks know how to give the cost per click directly to the link. We could not pass by such good news and improved our CPC and ROI calculation system. The affiliate can add the CPC macro of his teaser network and specify the currency used directly in the stream settings. Do not forget to turn on the CPC in the offer analytics system settings and the traffic analysis columns in the statistics tables!

We deeply realized the fact that some affiliates are not as clever as we thought them to be. They completely do not understand our concept “There is no SubID in AlterCPA, instead of them use UTM tags”. Their tiny little brain can’t replace subid with utm_term in links and postbacks. That is why we added the ability to work with the subid parameter in the link and {subid} in the postback.

We slightly revised the concept of management access to the platform and cleaned up access rights for administrators and business users. From now on, administrators do not have access to analytical reports. Their main task is precisely setting up offers, sites and system configurations. All analytics and finance are available to business users. And the owner of the network still combines both of these roles.

As always, here is a plenty of various pleasant little things:

  • Added the ability for agencies not to worry about their order IDs. It is enough to send auto in the identifier and we will invent it ourselves.
  • We now have a form for manually sending a lead. It is available to everyone who has access to adding leads via API, and this is an affiliate with a corresponding checkmark and all agencies. Opens from the “Leads” section by clicking the “Add” button.
  • The call center teams now have a division by country. This is useful if your call center processes several geo at once and not all operators know the required language.
  • Finally, you can hide old and non-working websites in offers from the eyes of affiliates. There are still no private sites in the plans, but at least the usual ones will no longer be an eyesore.
  • Redirect sites have received trafficback support. If the site receives traffic from a prohibited geo, you can direct it in any convenient URL, for example, to a TDS smartlink.
  • The order analytics section now can show data by managers to whom the affiliates are linked. This way you will be able to assess which manager motivates their websites better and attracts a better audience of affiliates.
  • You can add arbitrary links to the network navigation menu. Useful for adding links to your side projects, FAQ, documentation, useful tools, ads.
  • The administrator can manage the retention periods of various logs: postbacks, API requests, integration, errors and administrator actions. In addition, for the fattest and most important logs, you can enable gentle optimization to reduce server load.