It is finished – you have completely stopped poking us with a wand while waiting for a new version, rightly deciding that we are most likely dead. We are in a hurry to disappoint you – we have a stable release of AlterVision CPA Platform v 3.8!

Unlike the previous version, stability is no longer its key feature. We returned to the classic dendro-faecal design method #хуякхуякивпродакшн (slap shit together and deploy). And this made it possible to introduce some major and serious improvements.

Today we present you goals! Finally, this key for CPA functionality was implemented in our platform. For offers, various goals may be set, which are critically necessary for non-merchandise offers. For any offer you can separately handle registrations, deposits, rev-share and stuff like that. No more crutches – full support for various goals of any kind.

The second major innovation was the support of high-quality GeoIP services. After the untimely death of IP GeoBase, we added the ability to transfer the system to MaxMind services, free or paid. Due to licensing restrictions, these services are not automatically embedded, you must select them in the “Advanced settings” of the system manually. Even free-of-charge services of a server repeatedly increase the accuracy of IP address recognition.

Leads got the opportunity to be edited after they were sent from the site. This allows you to collect E-mail, shipping addresses and receive additional comments on leads using the “Thank You” page. After editing, updated leads can be sent to the CRM provider automatically.

In the settings for the distribution of leads, the long-awaited function of limiting the number of leads entering the company for the period appeared. Now you can set up a lead limit for your company, for example, no more than one hundred leads per day. Or not more than ten valid leads in the last 24 hours. Or almost any other quantity limitation option.

Among other things, we made some more pleasant trifles:
– Added a quality score for call center operators
– Stuck an additional indicator of full approve rate in analytics
– Created a new information page about IP-addresses
– Corrected CMS for landings and prelandings, removing some unpleasant trivia (so ten pieces)
– Expanded the list of URL parameters in redirect sites
– Improved reseller management section