Most recently, on December 13, five years have passed since the start of the project, which has now turned into AlterCPA! And within this wonderful event, we present you a new version of the AlterVision CPA Platform v 3.7!

A key feature of this version is stability. We looked through the entire shit code of the system as much as possible and cleaned it from all doubtful places. Fixed several dozen minor bugs and failed features.

Critical update: we made all the buttons in the system square! They also wanted to repaint the interface from green to green, but there was not enough paint

We have done serious work on exporting data to Excel in all sections of the system. It was decided to abandon the not very stable CSV in favor of MS Excel XML data format. In addition to processing the export mechanism itself, the very possibility of export appeared in all sections of the table statistics of the affiliate’s interface.

Speaking of statistics: we present to your attention a new statistics tool for affiliates and system administrators – multi-level analytics of clicks. It allows you to analyze traffic by any available criteria, building their hierarchy in the most convenient way for you.

The affiliate’s interface also received a pleasant rework in the form of a generator of ready-made files with a lead sending code via API. It is available only to those affiliates who are allowed to use this API function.

We did not cheat our attention to the administrators of affiliate networks by adding a few useful tools for them. Managing the user’s balance finally, five years after the release, became normal and understandable – a separate form appeared that is responsible for crediting and debiting funds from the balances of the affiliate and merchant.

Speaking of balance, one cannot but mention a very important refinement of the API for integration with third-party services. Now through these APIs you can transfer the amount of payments and your affiliate commission on the fly. It is enough for you to set up a base amount in the payments, if only it is displayed visually, and to receive the real sums of each payment via the API from the partners.

And so that partners and affiliates are not confused, we added advanced settings for tracing duplicate leads. No more hidden parameters, everything is open and accessible in the advanced settings of the system.

Birthday, and even more so the anniversary of the system – this is the time for the gifts. And after consulting, we decided that gifts should be given to us. Therefore, we have revised the pricing policy for licenses upwards. If you do not have time to purchase a license for the old price – sorry …