AlterCPA Pro v.26

AlterCPA Pro v.26

Remember, remember the 4th of September … What? Wrong month again? Oh shi… So, along with the fourth of September, AlterCPA Pro version 26 breaks into our lives! This release has private sites and new statistics, and the rest of the trivia will be found further.

Private sites

Can you guess the most common support question? How to open a site for only one aff! For years, I answered that this is impossible and privacy is configured only for offers. But I had to give in under your onslaught. Wanted? Get it!

  • Any site can be made private. Landing, preland, redirect – everything is hidden with one checkmark.
  • Access to sites is opened for single affiliates, arbitration teams, agencies and affs on the side of the agency – everything is like in offers.
  • There are black and white lists – you can both open the site to the necessary affs, and also hide it only from unnecessary ones.
  • Private sites disappear from the personal account of user in streams, offers, splits and APIs.
  • Traffic to private sites is only allowed on behalf of the correct affiliate. For third-party websites, the site disappears even from the repository, inaccessible by direct link.

Now any webmaster in your network can safely ask you to add your black or white directly to the offer and open only for him.


I took up the global processing of statistics here. The first round is over. Please love and don’t complain.

  • In many verticals, especially in crypto, the webmaster wants to know the real status of the lead on the customer’s side. With our statuses of a healthy person, this horror of smoker statuses is difficult to match, so I added a separate field – CRM status. It is available to the affiliate in the Leads section.
  • You liked the advanced filtering from the “Orders” section for operators and network administrators, now the same is available in the “Leads” section for affiliates. There is everything.
  • A universal section of “flat” statistics has appeared. Just statistics on clicks. In it, you can view the indicators for any selected criterion, from the offer to the browser. Advanced filters and graphs available.
  • All sections of flat statistics have been reworked through the same universal page. Graphs and filters are now everywhere. New statistics sections with hierarchy are on the way in the next release.


You loved the cops caps mechanism, even though I made it a little weird. But in the process, cups caps receive all sorts of useful things with which you become a little more comfortable.

  • You can split caps into groups. A cap can have only one group. This is useful for caps used in different verticals of your network or with different vendors and teams.
  • For the convenience of searching, I put the cloud of tags above the list of caps. In combination with viewing by groups, it turned out to be convenient.
  • When working with the countdown from the beginning of the day, you can use the cap time zone. Cap itself will figure out when the day begins in the desired country, taking into account summer and winter time.
  • Another useful crutch over time is cap working hours. Made similar to the settings for companies. Outside of the specified working hours, the cap is always unavailable, no matter how many leads it contains.

Call-center and CRM

It’s time to start improving the built-in CRM for the call center and logistics. While improvements are few, but this is just the beginning.

  • A truck with automated tools overturned on Logistics Street. Now the system itself will schedule calls to operators for parcels if they have been delivered, have not received statuses for a long time, or are on the way for too long.
  • Draw simple statistics statistics for call center operators. Now they know how many calls they handled, how much they approved and how they did.
  • Call center teams have learned how to access additional sections – analytics and warehouse. You no longer need to make the warehouse manager an administrator.
  • Duplicate overview for simple call center agents has moved to a popup window. Access to orders is permanently limited – the list can no longer be obtained.

Useful stuff

And here is the promised car of various trifles:

  • There can be many Facebook pixels. In the stream. In the downloaded site. On landings and pre-langinds. In frames. On the redirect page. I don’t know why you need them, but use them.
  • Added email support to the bulk order editing utility. Now it’s easier to do crypto checks – you don’t even need lead IDs.
  • Simplified work with links in traffic filters – added a black and white list of words for URLs. Useful for bypassing spy services.
  • Split tests now have a clone button. Successful configurations can now be taken as a basis instantly, rather than transferring each flow and setting piece by piece.
  • The content inside the CRM has got hold of static pages. Do you want to make human documentation for the web or post special terms of use? Create a page. Immediately in all supported languages. And you can also add a handler function for interactivity.
  • The extra system domain management page is gone. Everything is conveniently packed in one section – cleaning, review, and addition.
  • Iframes in streams have learned to work with macros and pull pixels from GET parameters.
  • Added automatic blocking by IP address. You can limit the number of leads from one IP address for the selected period. Spam will decrease.
  • Traffic distribution rotators have been trained in a new algorithm. For some reason they called him a bucket. Allows you to work with a uniform distribution of orders across companies, taking into account probabilities and without crutches.