AlterCPA Pro v.24

AlterCPA Pro v.24

It’s release time, we are launching AlterCPA v.24! In this release: Dynamic Pixels, Tracker Integration, Call Center Improvement, Delivery Log, Denied Traffic, Site Automation, and Admin Integrations.

Downloading landing and prelandings in the archive and working with them on your side is in fashion now. The process of downloading archives has become more convenient: you can choose the country for which you need to show the price tags and the necessary tracker for integration. We currently support inserting Keitaro code in three ways.

All site archives now contain dynamic ad network pixels. The affiliate can specify a pixel or counter ID in the link and it will be set automatically. Works with Facebook, Google, Tik-Tok, VK, Mail.Target, Yandex.Metrika and Likee. An arbitrary tracking code from streams is also put into the archive when downloading. By the way, these pixels will not fire on duplicates and incorrect leads, just like inside the full-featured AlterCPA Pro website repository!

Resellers also have access to full download of sites with support for dynamic pixels in the agent’s account. The integration file for the agency is included.

We have simplified the process of creating archives for the administrator. We taught automation to correctly add the main landing and “Thank you” pages. If the “Thank you” page is already located in the site folder, we will clear it of excess code and add it to the archive. If there is no special page, we will insert a smart “Thank you” page with automatic language selection for the visitor.

The creation of new sites has been completely redesigned – we have made a wizard for adding. It solves the most common tasks for sites on one page:

  • Each of the types of sites acquired its own parameters when added. The redirect specifies the target link, the TDS selects the traffic distribution setting.
  • When creating a site, you can fill it with a simple stub. For a pre-landing, this will be the link to the landing page. For a landing page, a form for submitting a lead.
  • If you have a customized site archive ready, you can upload it through the wizard without an FTP connection. When copying a landing page from another offer, the identifiers will be replaced automatically.
  • Don’t want to fiddle with the settings? You can download the original site archive. Automation will clean it from unnecessary code, optimize forms, insert system code and place it on the server.

Not just duplicates! The methods of blocking incoming traffic have been expanded:

  • Duplicates can be caught not only by phone, but also by email, which is convenient for registration applications.
  • Search traffic, that is, traffic that is not tied to a webmaster, can be completely banned and spam excluded.
  • Filtering of leads by stop words has been added, it will help block outright fake and obscene leads from dissatisfied customers.
  • All leads can be checked through the built-in traffic filtering mechanisms and cut off from sending from unsafe addresses without using standard blacklists.

Built-in CRM for call centers received a number of improvements for the operators:

  • When working with the second call and hold of the merchant, you can choose the delay time for the second call after the request is confirmed by the operator of the first line.
  • The distribution of orders by the Big Green Button supports different sorting priorities and filtering by extended order statuses.
  • In the order processing forms for operators, you can hide standard fields that are not required in certain offers.
  • Operator payroll has learned to add bonuses for paid orders.
  • In the orders section, an advanced filter has been added that allows you to find orders by tags, countries, amounts and quantity of goods.
  • Delivery services got logging of all requests. It will help administrators to find errors in interaction with logistics services.

Setting up integration with third-party networks and CRM has been simplified to a couple of clicks. We have collected eight years of experience in setting up integrations and created a utility that uses standard templates of the most popular affiliate networks and CRMs. Select a company, select a template, specify API keys and that’s it, the integration is ready!

A few useful little things are not included in the main list:

  • Redirect sites have learned to cut incoming parameters and not pass them to the target resource, hiding the intricacies of your traffic sources.
  • Sites now have a secret domain that is only used inside the archives to send visit data.
  • Traffic filters have been rewritten from scratch and are now ready to withstand almost any load without brakes.
  • Companies now have working hours. Outside of working hours, all integrations, APIs and personal accounts of employees are blocked.
  • The mass editing utility of offers received filters by offer ID, quick actions and work with parameters.