AlterCPA Pro v.22

AlterCPA Pro v.22

The time has come to release the stable version of AlterCPA v.22! In this release: time zones, simplified work with parcels, extended additional fields, brokerage traffic, buy-out analytics by operators, sets of goods and various nice little things.

Time zone support appeared in all significant elements of the system:

  • Users can choose their preferred time zone in the profile. All statistics and analytics reports are recalculated taking into account the selected time zone.
  • You can configure the time zone at the level of the entire supplier company and an individual operator team.
  • The customer’s time zone is displayed on the lead processing page, the date of the next call can be set both by the operator’s time and by the customer’s time.

We’ve had additional fields in offers a long time ago, but they were only text fields. It was not always convenient. The new version added fields with a drop-down list, numeric, email, with restrictions on length and values. But the most important thing is that we added the ability to upload files directly to the lead, both from the site and manual submission page.

Manual lead submission has also received a major revision. You can create sets of offers, united by the same topic and composition of the lead submission form. The lead will be sent immediately for all offers from the set. This is useful for dealing with brokerage and agency traffic in the banking and financial sectors.

There is also a new kind of sets in CRM. You can create ready-made shopping baskets for offers with a specific composition and price tags. For example, it will be convenient if your product is delivered at a monthly package, and a discount is provided for the purchase of four cans.

Delivery services are a little easier to work with because we have added three small improvements:

  • Parcels can be sent to the delivery service automatically, for example, immediately after confirmation. This is convenient if you work with fulfillment or the courier arrives himself for all the packed parcels.
  • In cases that cannot be dealt with by automation, you can use bulk sending of parcels. Just mark the orders with checkboxes and click “Submit”. Selected orders will go to the delivery service and receive a track code.
  • After sending, you can also receive and print documents and labels in bulk. They will be collected into a single PDF document or archive.

Delivery Analytics has received a new version of the report. You can estimate delivery by call center teams and operators who confirmed the order. This will come in handy to reward the best operators and to identify unscrupulous employees who are stealing orders.

As usual, there are a few more nice things in this update:

  • Added new delivery services in the CIS: KetLogistics and IDcourier.
  • Added the ability to integrate with the Likee social network and its advertising pixels.
  • We redesigned the page with API samples in the flow, added a ready-made webhook link there. You can insert it into Tilda and get leads directly.
  • Changed the dashboard for administrators, now it shows statistics for the entire network at once.
  • We played with the navigation menu: there were now categories of offers for quick search.
  • We improved the generator of site archives for webmasters, got rid of minor nasty bugs and forgot to add new ones.
  • We discovered that the maps in the call center link to Yandex. Fixed to Google for most countries.
  • We changed the method of working with orders for offers that support hold. Split the instant and pending confirmation into two separate blocks.
  • We added the ability for suppliers to customize their discounts and taxes for orders.
  • In setting up offers and goals, we added the ability to specify countries with a simple list of ISO codes. It seems like a small thing, but users liked even more time zones.