Add site wizard

Add site wizard

We continue to torment sites. We have already checked all the available tortures on the affiliates. It’s time to take on the administrators. Automate and simplify everything, forcibly planting goodness and inflicting affection.

Remember, earlier, to add a site, you had to specify its address, select the type and click “Add”? Now there are four separate buttons. That’s all, let’s go.

Let’s dig a little deeper: we’ve made a wizard for adding sites, adding the most necessary and frequent actions to it. Minor improvements:

  • The correct domain for the site is set automatically depending on its type. If you use different domains, you no longer have to choose manually. And when changing the domain, you don’t need to think again about which one is active now.
  • The site path is also indicated in a separate field. You will never forget to enter it again. You won’t insert a direct link instead. Won’t add extra characters for redirect sites.
  • For a redirect, the transition link is set immediately when adding. Beginners will no longer be confused about where to insert the tracking link and where to set the virtual address.
  • TDS is added entirely in one run, in general, all its parameters fit in the master – both link and the attached traffic distribution system.

Working with the site storage has become simpler, we have removed some of the tasks from humans and shifted them to robots. It’s not perfect, but it will at least do half of the work.

  • Stub sites are created automatically. Just select the appropriate item when creating a site or in its editor. For the landing, a form for submitting the lead with the required fields will be added. For pre-landing, a page with one button will appear – the transition to the landing. These sites are enough to work with API traffic.
  • It is not necessary to connect to FTP to upload sites. You can set everything up according to the instructions on your computer, compress it into ZIP and upload it through the wizard or site editor. In the same way, you can download an existing site from one offer and copy it to a new offer – the necessary identifiers will be registered automatically.
  • When uploading regular archives, you don’t even need to do any configuration. Just upload the archive through the site wizard or editor, all the necessary codes will be set. The system will find the index file, insert the headers and footer into it, clean up each form, and upload everything to the server. Of course, it is advisable to double-check.
  • With the help of the wizard, when loading ready-made sites, you can immediately create an archive for download by the webmaster. So copying sites between offers will be reduced to two actions – download the site, upload it into a new offer.

But this is not the latest news in automating the work of administrators. Wait, it will be even more interesting. As one of the founders said, it will be imba!