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Paid products require purchase before downloading. Some products have several builds depending on the operating system and the version of PHP used. Please consult your technician or contact our support team if you are in doubt about the correct package. You can use test builds on production servers only at your own risk, we do not guarantee the stability of their work.

AlterCPA Pro

AlterCPA Professional is powerful platform for affilate networks. Greatly surpasses the free version in the functionality and stability of the work. Requires purchase of a license for downloading the distribution.

AlterCPA Free

Free version of the platform for public use. It can be useful for the test deployment of the network and testing your luck in CPA. It is a slightly modified open version of the platform. It does not have a particularly high quality of code and variety of functions. Support is closed, deployment and configuration services are not provided. Source code is closed.

AlterCPA ClickServer

ClickServer module for AlterVision CPA Platform is designed to speed up clicks processing in your CPA network. It is compatible with AlterCPA version 3.1 and higher. Default version of this module is included in AlterCPA Pro downloadable file. If the included module doesn't run by any reason (for example, special version of libc on your server), you need to build it manually using instructions from the link below.